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  • 9k : $27.24 Per Gram
  • 14k : $42.38 Per Gram
  • 22k : $66.59 Per Gram
  • 24k : $74.19 Per Gram
  • 18k : $54.49 Per Gram
  • 20k : $60.54 Per Gram

Gold Buyers Melbourne

01. Looking to sell gold? We pay top rates of cash for gold. One of the longest running and most trusted gold coin buyers in Melbourne. Visit our Melbourne city store today to be paid top dollar for your old gold jewellery, watches, rings etc.

To offer you the most competitive rates, come talk to us in store, and we can negotiate the best prices for your gold! No waiting / queues, get paid in cash.

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Sell Gold

02. Want to sell gold? When you visit our store there are no queues and no waiting. As licenced second hand dealers (Licence #8383) you can be assured of a quality and professional experience like no other, as well as receiving excellent rates for selling your gold.

Many other gold coin buyers are unqualified and unlicenced, and trick their customers with false online advertised price rates, imprecise gradings, and unethical pawn broker style tactics.

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Gold Bullion

Gold Digger Trading in Melbourne only sells genuine and authentic gold products. These are one of the most trusted and recognised mint hallmarks. Being a recognised gold bullion trader, the prices we quote are matchless in terms of affordability in the Australian physical trading market. Currently, our company provides and ensures the most continent channels when it comes to cash for gold services.

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Silver Bullion

We can help you turn your unwanted silver into cash or you can also choose our silver bullion services to buy silver products for your use. We offer the fastest and simplest way of selling and buying scrap silver jewellery and other products. Our services are guaranteed and secured so that customers can feel the peace of mind when trading with us.

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